Power PCIe Connectors on GPU: Why They are Not Put from Behind

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Surely you have discovered that the large majority of graphics cards that need extra power have the power adapters at the top of the PCB, so that when we link the cables they are actually in the center and it ends up being really hard to funnel them. Why do you develop graphics cards this way?

A lot of contemporary graphics cards, other than low-end ones, need extra power since the motherboard’s PCI-Express socket is not efficient in providing them with all the power they need to function. For this factor, the makers integrated the PCIe power connectors on the graphics PCB, and as a basic guideline they lie at the top of it, either in the best location, sticking to the end or perhaps in the center as in the Founder Edition from NVIDIA.

Power PCIe Connectors on GPU

Be that as it might, this arrangement of the power ports winds up being bad when it concerns directing the cable televisions, given that they undoubtedly stay hanging and appear “through” in our assembly. Why then are they not put, for instance, at the back? Or even from behind, on the backplate?

The location of the power adapters

It is true that it is not in all graphics cards, since in many cases– even in referral designs– the power adapters were on the back. Nevertheless, in almost most graphics they are located at the top, which will face the side of the PC once the graphics is set up on the motherboard.

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Conectores de alimentación GPU

Certainly, if they were positioned from the back it would be a lot more comfortable to be able to transport the cable televisions, considering that as they are, in truth, we will have to turn them virtually 180 degrees. For this function, there are some elbow connectors that permit the cable arrangement to “turn”, although very few relied on producers sell them. With these “elbows” you can connect the cable televisions glued to the backplate of the chart and therefore, at least, avoid having to flex the cables and let them hang all over the middle, having the ability to direct them a little much better.

Codo PCIe

In any case, if the ports were at the back (pointing towards the front case fans) or even on the backplate, it would be far more practical to be able to link and carry them. That being stated, why do not they put them there?

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The universal design of PCBs

The answer is by the “universality” when manufacturing the PCB. Many times we have told you that in the PC industry there are many requirements, but the plan of the components is nothing that has a requirement that defines it, so manufacturers need to do the very best they can to adjust their components to the remainder of the world. PC environment. We have actually already discussed that a manufacturer of processor heatsinks must create their products based on how the sockets are developed, and taking into account where the RAM is, the width of the boxes, etc., and that there is no a requirement in this regard.

The exact same thing happens with the PCB of the graphics cards: the maker does not know the length of time is the PC case where you are going to install your graphics card, however there is as a general guideline a type of contract relating to the minimum width, considering that the case width depends on how high you can install the heatsink. This means that taking into consideration the height of the graphics cards, you will always have some area before colliding with the side of the case, space that they make the most of to put the power connectors taking into account the cable that extends. Putting the power connectors on the back could collide with the front fans, the hard disk rack, or whatever the case manufacturer set up in that area.

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Detalle conectores PCI-E

In other words, the location of the power adapters is put there so that the graphics cards, consisting of the PCIe power adapters, are as universal as possible and work with the largest number of boxes on the marketplace. If you don’t like what there is, you can try to find alternative services such as the elbows that we have revealed above, you just have to search a little and you will discover the most innovative services (consisting of assistances with a built-in PCIe adapter).

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