OnePlus Nord N100: Covers to Protect it from Shocks

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In the end OnePlus has had to bend to reality and diversify its range with cheaper mid-range mobiles. Something to which the firm had completely refused, but the doubtful behavior of its top of the range has led them to give up. The OnePlus Nord N100 is the best example, and we bring you the best cases for it.

OnePlus Nord N100: Covers

The new OnePlus phone offers mid-range features, with which it has managed to adjust its price to the maximum. Despite this, it is always necessary to protect our investment, no matter how small, with covers like these.


  • With reinforced corners
  • Rugged and magnetic
  • Imitating carbon fiber
  • With card holder and wallet
  • Even more rugged

With reinforced corners

One of the classics when we talk about mobile phone cases. Made of transparent silicone, to show off the design of our phone, and with reinforced corners . These have more absorbent material, thanks to which if you fall on these corners, which is usually common, you will practically not notice the damage and will absorb a large part.

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fundas OnePlus Nord N100

Rugged and magnetic

This other case offers a rugged design , with much thicker edges to absorb shock , as well as thicker corners as well. In this case, unlike other rugged ones, its back is transparent. Also in the center it has a ring that serves as a base. As well as with a perfect magnetic area to place the phone on a support of this type for the car.

fundas OnePlus Nord N100

Imitating carbon fiber

This is one of the most attractive finishes for a case, as it mimics the look of carbon fiber , a material normally associated with high-end sports cars and highly advanced devices. But here it is only imitated, otherwise the cover would cost much more. In this case, in addition to that carbon-look insert, we enjoy a full silicone cover.

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fundas OnePlus Nord N100

With card holder and wallet

This case offers us an interesting card holder function, since when we open its book format, on the left side we have both access to our cards and to the tickets just behind. On the right side we have the silicone case for the phone. Therefore, in addition to the usual protection, the screen of the terminal is also protected, since when the case is closed, the front is completely protected.

fundas OnePlus Nord N100

Even more rugged

This case is only concerned with keeping our OnePlus Nord N100 protected as much as possible. And it does so with a fairly thick silicone, which surrounds the entire phone to protect it completely. In addition, its special texture favors a much more comfortable and secure grip , avoiding as far as possible that it can accidentally fall.

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fundas OnePlus Nord N100

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