News Emojis: New Useless Windows 10 Feature

Last week, Microsoft released a brand-new develop within the RS_PRERELEASE branch, Build21286 This brand-new compilation, bit by bit, is shaping what will be Sun Valley, the future of Windows10 Among many other novelties that this brought compilation we find a new panel of gizmos for the desktop integrated into the Windows taskbar.

At the moment, this new dashboard is only available to a few Expert users living in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and India. Other users will still have to wait longer before they can evaluate it, even if they have the current Expert Dev build of the operating system set up. Nevertheless, thanks to users who have actually had the ability to check it, we can discover a little about how this brand-new panel works, which will arrive as one of Sun Valley’s novelties And, from what we can see, it will have the most unnecessary functions. Bad started.


Emojis on the news, was it really required?

As part of this dynamic content that the Windows 10 panel is going to provide us, we find a news section. This gadget will work, undoubtedly, through the Microsoft News app for Windows, and it will reveal us the headings of the most appropriate news so that we can always depend on date. We can customize our news sources, as well as our tastes and interests to see what interests us one of the most. Far so great.

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When we click on a news product, as you may anticipate, that news will open straight in Edge. The normal thing is to discover buttons that allow us to choose if a news we like, and we wish to see more like it, or if we do not like something. Thanks to this, we will enhance the algorithm and each time we will see much more concrete and specific news. And obviously you have this alternative. But it also has an option that enables us to react to the news with emojis For what?

Reacciones panel noticias Windows 10 Sun Valley

The brand-new system of news interactions is excessive like Facebook It allows us to show if a material we like, we love, it surprises us, it leaves us thoughtful, it makes us upset or saddened. And all this using Skype emojis.

The only sense we can find to this is that Microsoft is going to turn its brand-new Windows bar into a kind of “social media network”, where we can see the interactions of other users to the exact same news. It only needs (although we would not like to provide concepts, just in case) to add a remark system and we would have a crappy variation of Facebook integrated into Windows10 Hopefully, in the end, this function does not complete showing up. Doing so will just get worse a function that may appear intriguing at first glance. Which’s not counting the effect it will have on our privacy and making use of our data and interests.

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Other improvements that are worth it

Luckily, not all are useless functions like the one we simply saw. Microsoft is working to bring other functions and tools to our computer that are actually more interesting. The first one is a new disk manager, within the Setup panel, which will allow us to control all the disks and SSD systems linked to the PC and create new storage areas on the PC.

Microsoft’s data recovery tool, WinFR, is likewise going to get essential modifications focused, above all, on facilitating its usage in order to know what type of recovery we need to utilize in each case. And the new Diskusage will also enable us to know much better how we are utilizing the space on our hard drive. Nor can we forget One Outlook, the new email customer that will replace the Outlook program and the Mail app in Windows 10.

As we can see, not all the modifications that are concerning Windows 10 are ineffective What we do fear, provided what we have seen, is that Sun Valley is going to be an update that is too monstrous and complete of unnecessary functions rather than focused on the modifications that users truly seek for a modern operating system.

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