New Philips Hue Switch: Redesign, Functions and Differences

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If you have a smart lighting system based upon Philips Shade products, this will interest you. Since the producer will soon introduce a brand-new variation of its popular dimmer switch An accessory that must be nearly mandatory for controlling those main spaces in the house.

New Philips Hue switch with intensity control

New Philips Hue Switch

When it pertains to controlling smart house lighting, it is typical to make good usage of the combination it provides with the various voice assistants and their particular commands or to turn to the mobile applications provided by each of the brands that advertise this kind of products.

Philips is no exception in this sense, although it is likewise true that within its substantial brochure of Philips Hue products there are some switches that deserve being known. Since there are situations in which it might be more interesting to turn to them than to the voice or the telephone.

Now among its popular switches will receive an upgrade where there will be enhancements at the physical level and all the options that up until now are offered will be maintained. If you have Philips Color lights and want to enhance the user experience, attentive.

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Interruptor Philisp Hue diferencias

The new control in style matters is virtually the very same, although if you knew the previous variation you will quickly value the very first changes. One of them is that it now goes from four to three buttons, something that is attained by unifying the 2 main buttons into one. And it is something that makes sense, since they are the buttons with which the strength of the light was increased or decreased.

Another difference remains in the power button that now consists of a notch with which it will be much easier to acknowledge in the dark. And you might be believing that is simple, since it is the one at the top, however it will not always be like that. Due to the fact that one of the peculiarities of this switch is that you can eliminate it from that base that is attached to the wall.

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So switch actually is a push-button control that you can take with you anywhere you go. If you have it for example on the couch you will just need to touch a little to understand which is the on and off button.

For the rest, the corners are a little more rounded and the quality in terms of building, materials, and so on, are maintained although it will be a little greater in measurements. From the 70 x 115 mm of the very first you would now go to 80 x 125 mm. A minimal change, however one that is great to know.

A recommended accessory for the primary lights

This switch, which is usually around 17 and 25 euros depending on whether it is on sale, is among those accessories that couple of focus on however are extremely suggested. As we said previously, there are times when it is not always possible or we wish to utilize our voice assistant or mobile phone.

Having this switch or the minimized variation that straight serves to turn on and off can be very fascinating for those primary rooms of our home if we have actually opted for it to be Philips bulbs and others suitable with your bridge that brighten the home. Even understanding that it is regular to look at a brand-new light or lamp, we recommend you to consider the concept of utilizing them.

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This new switch will get here in early 202 1, so stay tuned if you thought it would be fascinating to get one. Regarding the cost, it will change the same as the present version.

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