Microsoft Flight Simulator Now Supports Virtual Reality Glasses

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Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been from the beginning a game that has left everyone with their mouths open. The quality at the level of detail achieved in its stages make it a show that both fans of flight and not will enjoy. But now that experience is much better with virtual reality compatibility.

Flight Simulator embraces virtual reality

Flight Simulator

Microsoft released a new update for their recent popular new installment of Flight Simulator. The flight simulator with Sim Update 2 gains support for the use of virtual reality headsets. A piece of news that at the time was already known when the company and Asobo Studios commented that it would be December 22 when this interesting novelty would arrive for all owners of glasses of this type.

So, if you have a virtual reality headset that supports OpenXR, you will be able to take advantage of it with this new update to Flight Simulator. That includes proposals such as the Oculus Quest, Valve glasses as well as many more that you can find in the market and that are focused on this very particular use.

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The least positive part of the update, let’s say, is that to fully enjoy this realistic way of flying and piloting is that you will need a PC powerful enough to move the entire graphic environment with the fluidity that is required. Because if this is not the case, the experience may not be realistic and investing enough as one might hope and wish.

In addition, the glasses themselves also play a fundamental role. Because with a PC monitor and third-person view it is possible to enjoy very high resolutions if we have, again, a powerful computer. But the visors of current glasses are somewhat more limited. It is true that they have improved in terms of definition and refreshment, but not all titles always work the same. And of course, in one where the level of detail can be so important, it must be taken into account.

However, if you like to fly and want to really feel how a pilot lives the experience, we can’t think of a better way to do it than taking advantage of this support for virtual reality offered by the new Microsoft Flight Simulator update. An update that to all this must be said that it is completely free . It does not require any additional payment such as DLC, patch, etc. You simply update the game and if you have a VR viewer then enjoy.

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Download Flight Simulator for free

Mod Microsoft Flight Simulator

If by now you have not paid attention to Flight Simulator and you want to try what this flight simulator offers, you should know that it offers different versions. There is one that is completely free and that you can download if you are an Xbox Game Pass user.

In the event that you like the game, which is very likely to be the case, then you will be able to choose one of the three versions that exist and that differ between the number of available planes as well as airports or other extras that add value. depending on the type of fan of this type of simulator you are.

  • Standard Edition : The basic version of the game with 20 perfectly detailed airplanes with flight models and 30 handcrafted airports.
  • Deluxe Edition : Add 5 more planes and 5 carefully designed international airports.
  • Premium Deluxe Edition : A total of 10 extra planes with great details and unique flight models, as well as 10 additional international airports recreated in detail.
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If you want more information, just click here and you can even see the airports from which you can take off or land.

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