Localization in iPhone System Services: What Exactly Is It?

These are the iOS services that access the location of your iPhone Being able to have control of our iPhone and not vice versa is important and in terms of privacy it is even more so. If you want to know which are the parts of the iOS operating system that require your location, keep reading because we explain where you can see it, what each one consists of and the way you have to disable being tracked.

Not to be confused with applications

We can have as many applications as we want on our iPhone, always with the limit of the storage space available. All these apps may require certain permissions to function. Sometimes there are some mandatory to accept so that they can be usable and in other cases not, since they are functions that improve the experience but are not essential. The location is usually one of the most requested permissions, although in this article we are referring to the system services and not to those of the applications themselves. These can be deactivated from Settings, by clicking on the app in question and deactivating the corresponding location tab if they have it active.

Localization in iPhone System Services

Where to see system services

If you go to Settings> Privacy> Location you will be able to activate the location in general, while if you deactivate it, there will be no app or service that can access it. Also in this section you can find another way to activate or deactivate the application permissions, but if you scroll down you will see that the last option is “System Services”, which is the one you must press. It should be noted that each and every one of the sections that we will see later can be configured to allow or not to access your location.

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localización ubicación servicios del sistema iphone ios

Notices by location

There are certain iPhone applications that notify you when you arrive at a specific place. They can also be automations created by you. For example, suppose you have an automation created so that when you get home, the WiFi is automatically activated. If you deactivate this option, no warning will appear and this functionality will not be able to be executed.

Search my Iphone

It refers to the iPhone location service, extremely useful if your device is lost or stolen. If it is disabled, you will lose the option of being able to locate it through iCloud, so it is not recommended to do so.

Mobile network search

The internet connection that we have on the street, especially when we are on the move, changes without us being aware. There is an internal system capable of using the best available network and for this it is necessary to be able to locate the iPhone on a map.

Compass Calibration

Little explanation is needed in this regard, since the internal components that the iPhone has to perform the compass functions are largely supported by location services.

Offset calibration

A functionality linked to the Health app, since in order to record the movement you make, it is largely based on registering your location.

Share my location

There are many applications that allow you to share your location with other people, either at a given moment or for a few minutes. If you deactivate it, you will not be able to access these features in any app.

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Device Management

This section refers to a standard that your telephone operator can access if it needs to make any kind of changes. It is recommended to have it active so that the operator can always offer you a good coverage and internet service.


If you have devices associated with your Home app, such as a HomePod or smart bulbs that work through HomeKit, they will be able to access your location if this tab is activated.

servicios del sistema localización ios iphone

Merchant ID (Apple Pay)

One of the most interesting functions of paying with Apple Pay is to be able to determine the establishment in which you have made the payment, but if this function is deactivated it is possible that it cannot be detected well due to lack of information that originates from the location where you paid .

Emergency calls and SOS

Possibly this is the option that we most recommend having always active, since it will help you to send your location to the emergency services in case they need it. Obviously we hope that you never have to resort to that function, but it is better to be cautious.

System customization

There are some functions in iOS that are activated if they detect your location. See for example the optimized charging of the iPhone, which could be activated if it is detected that you are at home. All this is executed through this permission.


You may or may not allow networks you connect to know where your device is. Be it WiFi or mobile data networks.

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Suggestions based on location

Apple can send you suggestions based on where you are so that you can further optimize the use of your device. Of course, even deactivating it, they will be able to locate you thanks to your IP, which they will use to calculate the location by comparing it geographically as confirmed by the company itself on its website.

Time zone

If you want to avoid having to change the time if you travel or if a time change is made in your territory, you must leave this function active. Depending on where you are, the iPhone will know what time it is to set it automatically.

Important places

This is a section in itself in which if you give access to your location, you can establish key places such as your home or work, since the system services such as notifications may vary depending on where you are. It also records frequently visited places.

What do the location icons mean?

Iconos localización iPhone

It is very likely that when you enter these sections described above within the settings of your iPhone you have found a legend with this information. It indicates what the location icons that appear at the top of the screen of your iPhone mean. However, you can disable the possibility of this warning icon appearing, although this will not prevent the services that are allowed from accessing your location, as they will simply do so without showing the relevant warning on the screen.

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