Launch of Tweetbot 6 for iPhone and iPad, What’s New?

Launch of Tweetbot 6 for iPhone and iPad, What’s New?. Tweetbot 6 was introduced yesterday on the iOS and iPadOS App Store. This is the brand-new version of the most popular unofficial Twitter client on the planet and which, again, is likewise offered in Spanish. It is noteworthy that it has actually lost some appeal in recent years at the cost of enhancements to the main app, the fact is that it is still a very interesting choice. Listed below we address all the news in this variation, since not everything is good news.

Launch of Tweetbot 6 for iPhone and iPad

Tweetbot is now subscription

Recently there are lots of developers who see more organization offering their applications with recurring payments before the single payment per download. Some of them have come to change their payment technique in the exact same app, going from that 2nd mode to membership. When it comes to Tweetbot, we find that they have actually taken this path in this sixth variation of the application, which now needs a monthly or yearly membership. We keep in mind that Tweetbot was previously a one-time payment app at the time it was downloaded. These are the present costs for this subscription:

  • Month-to-month membership: 0.99 euros
  • Yearly subscription: 6.49 euros

It should be kept in mind that there is presently a launch promotion for which these prices are currently marked down. You can likewise depend on a 7-day trial In any case, it is anticipated that the annual version, although it needs immediate payment of the entire amount, will be less expensive than the regular monthly variation. Although it is true that for lots of it might be a bad choice on the part of the developers, we should recognize that it is not a high membership either or that it can not be assumed by a majority of the users who until now had the service.

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Tweetbot 6

Little changes to the interface

The main modification of Tweetbot in this version is the one pointed out above, given that neither truly brand-new functions are seen or that represent an abrupt modification compared to previous versions. There are minor visual modifications, such as the truth that the button to compose tweets is now at the top. Although thankfully you can continue to have the main assets that they already had, such as the fact of not having organic advertising or of any kind or being able to have a classic timeline view, making this one hundred percent genuine by seeing them in sequential order the tweets of those users you follow. Also the greatest modification of the app is present in this Tweetbot 6.

As we stated at the beginning, much of the features that Twitter users previously wished for and found in Tweetbot are currently in both applications, so it is earning less and less sense to use clients like this one. In any case, the designers have not wanted to put aside that devoted audience that still accompanies them and therefore they have continued to launch new variations like these. The application is offered now for iPhone and iPad.

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