KFConsole: the KFC Gaming PC with a Chicken Heating Tray

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On more than one occasion it has been joked with those PCs that for some reason or another reached high temperatures saying that it could serve as stoves in winter or even to fry an egg. Now it couldn’t be more real when we say that the new KFC console allows you to heat chicken . But we better show you.

The KFC console is a Gaming PC


Half a year or so KFC announced that it was preparing a game console, something that caught the attention of many because if the company is known for something, it is for its fried chicken and not for anything related to technology. Despite the news was that and at the end of the year it was going to be released.

Doing the brand on Twitter for a few hours, @KFCGaming launched a tweet where the message was very clear: The war of the consoles is over. Introducing the KFConsole. Actor followed by showing some photographs and linking to a Cooler Master website, with whom they have created this product that is capable of heating even chicken. And no, it is not any kind of exaggeration for the temperature that your hardware could reach.

As if it were a bucket where they serve their screaming chicken in large quantities, the KFConsole really is a PC with a clearly gaming focus . You just have to see the features it offers, that is why they refer to it as a console, because its performance in games will be very high. Something that you don’t really miss seeing the components.

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For starters, it has a ninth-generation Intel Core i9 processor , which for many fans is one of the best current options despite its price. This is one of those plates specifically designed to meet the needs of a design such as the one proposed by this product.

The graphics, also made to measure by Asus, offers a power that according to the data shared by the brand would be capable of offering a performance of up to 240 fps , supporting a video output at 240 Hz and 4K resolution. A real outrage that would be complemented by a very fast storage unit.

All that hardware in turn not only serves to obtain a great performance in current titles and that so many headlines take over in the specialized press. It is also capable of seamlessly running applications related to the entire topic of virtual reality.

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The great secret of the KFConsole

Diseno patentado KFConsole

Of course, beyond this powerful hardware, what is striking about this proposal from KFC and Cooler Master is that they included a patented camera capable of keeping your chicken warm . That is, you can order the classic fried chicken breasts and keep them warm just by putting them in it.

That is the great peculiarity and at the same time secret of this proposal that, as they themselves later indicate, is nothing more than a MOD made by a team of experts in all these topics. Although we also admit that no matter how patented it is, no matter how safe it is in the face of the grease or oil it may release, we would not be the ones who would use something like that.

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However, as a marketing strategy it is clear that it works because it is striking and will be talked about. Then only the staunch fan of this fast food chain will be the one who is interested in buying it, probably for collectables, but there are some fans of fried chicken who are equally fond of video games. So here you have your ideal product, one that allows you to play and eat those breasts or wings always just right.

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