How to Update the Firmware of Philips Hue Accessories: Bulbs and Bridge

Update the Firmware of Philips Hue Accessories

We have more and more home automation equipment inside our homes. Where before we needed to flip a switch or use a remote controller to operate certain devices, now we simply have to say the correct voice command for them to do what we want thanks to WiFi connectivity and the IoT of things. But of course, that all these computers are connected to our router opens a world of possible ways of security holes against possible hackers with malicious intentions. So today we want to explain how you can update your Philips Hue bulbs to avoid these potential problems.

Why should I upgrade my smart bulbs?

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In the previous paragraph we have already dropped the main utility of keeping these gadgets updated to the latest version of their firmware. If you are in the world of technological news, it will not be the first or the last time that you will read about security holes that have been found in certain accessories in our house. Furthermore, relatively recently, we told you in another article about one of these holes that had been discovered in the smart bulbs of the Philips company. This does not mean that the equipment of this manufacturer is less safe than others, on the contrary. Thanks to the constant work of its programmers, this problem was discovered and corrected in just a few hours with an update in the firmware of its devices. Therefore, by updating this section with the latest security patch, we are blocking potential hacking threats .

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In addition to staying safe, updating the firmware of these gadgets could lead to improvements in the solution of other errors, reduction of consumption, and functionalities that, if not, we would be missing. In this way, every time a new update arrives to your bulbs or accessories from Philips or any other brand, do not hesitate, update.

How to update any Philips Hue device

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Given the importance of keeping our Philips accessories up to date, it is time to find out how we can check if we have the latest version and if not, how to update . The truth is that it is a tremendously simple process and that you can even make it happen automatically. You just have to follow the following steps:

  • From your smartphone, be it an Android phone or an iPhone, enter the Philips Hue app. The same since you first set up your smart bulbs.
  • In the start menu, you must click on the settings icon on the bottom bar.
  • Once here, go down through the list until you find a section called “Software update” . Click on it.
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In this last menu is where you will find all the information about the firmware of your Philips gadgets. If there is a more current version than the one your accessories have, an icon will appear next to its name indicating that it must be updated. You just have to click on it and voila, the update will begin (this process may take up to an hour, depending on your connection and how heavy this new version is.

And, as we mentioned before, from this menu you can configure that the updates are carried out automatically so that, in this way, you do not have to worry about accessing here periodically. Of course, it does not hurt that every several months we enter this section to see that everything is in order.

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Once the updates are complete, all accessories (including the Philips Hue bridge) should look like you see in the photo above these lines. This means that all your computers are on the latest version of their firmware and that, therefore, the most current security patch from the manufacturer is installed.

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