How to Send Emails from a Web Mail with Gmail

Email is certainly a really essential means of interaction and utilized by both personal users and business. There are numerous alternatives that we have at our disposal, although among the most popular is Gmail. In this short article we are going to speak about how to configure it to be able to send emails from the email account of our website

Email, vital for a website

Just as it is an important indicates of interaction at a business or personal level, it is likewise important for any web page. It is a way for users to send us their doubts, questions, viewpoints … It is something that any website must have available to its visitors.

Send Emails from a Web Mail with Gmail

To have an email account connected to our website, we can use our own web domain that we have contracted, given that generally webhosting offer this service for free. We can also utilize any other provider of the numerous in the network.

Now, to manage that account we also have many options. Gmail is unquestionably among the most popular today on the Internet and for this reason many users decide to utilize this service, in spite of the fact that the email is registered with another service provider, as would be the case of a websites that we have.

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Thankfully, Gmail permits you to configure it and include the accounts you want. It is a fast and very fascinating process for those who wish to have an individual account and also that of the websites available from the Google company.

How to send out and receive emails from another account in Gmail

We have the possibility to set up Gmail to be able to send out and get emails from another address. In this way, if we have an e-mail account set up on our website, we can utilize it directly from the Google service.

For this, what we have to do is properly set up Gmail. It is a simple procedure and does not take much time to establish.

To Start With, what we have to do is log into Gmail with our information. We put the e-mail of the Google account and the password and once we are inside we go to Settings, which appears on top right, and we get in See all settings. As soon as here a series of options will appear and the one that interests us is the Accounts and import tab.

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Enviar con otra dirección en Gmail

There we will see an area called ” Send as” There we have to click on Include another e-mail address. It will automatically open a pop-up window where we need to put our name (or whatever name we want to give to that account) and email.

Configurar otra dirección en Gmail

Prior to offering Include account we can put the corresponding SMTP server, in addition to the port. We can likewise choose if we desire a protected connection through TLS (which is suggested, secure connection through SSL or without secure connection. We will likewise need to put the password of the account.

Verificar una cuenta en Gmail

The next step will be to confirm the account We will receive a code to the e-mail of our site and this code we will need to put it in Gmail, in the window to confirm that it is truly our account.

From that minute we will be able to use the email account of our website in Gmail and have the ability to receive and send out emails. By default it is not activated as the first account and we will continue to reply to e-mails from the primary account. We can alter this at any time.

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When we want to send an email from the new address that we have actually included, we simply click on Compose and in the From field we click and change to the other address. It is a basic process.

Simply put, this is the procedure that we must perform to set up another email account in Google. We can configure our website e-mail to open it with the Google mail platform. We just have to follow the actions we have actually mentioned and from there we can quickly send out emails with one account or another.

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