How to Return a New Mobile: Rights and Guarantees

For lots of, small and not so little, today is one of the happiest days of the year. Within the plans that lots of have actually discovered under their shoes, cellphones have as soon as again been the primary lead characters. The market is wider than ever and the deals are several in all brand names and rate varieties. What takes place if we don’t like the mobile they have offered us?

The days after Reyes are the days of insanity in regards to exchanges and returns. It appears that it is not the very same to go looking for a jacket one size more, than to modification that mobile that you did not like or from which you expected more. We are not going to go into the reasons for each one, which can be limitless, however we will go into the alternatives we have when the terminal is not to our preference.

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Trial period

Far from the popular belief that anything goes to return a product within 15 days of the purchase date, the reality is that establishments are not obliged to accept exchanges and returns even if our purchase does not encourage us or we have altered viewpoint. Really, we can change our mobile or request a refund whenever it provides some kind of defect or flaw. However, many facilities set on their own, the deference of this kind of modifications, but we will need to be sure that it is our case.


Nevertheless, if it is a distance purchase, there is a legal withdrawal period of 14 days This means that we can return the product at no cost and demand an exchange or refund. The online store might ask for that the item has not been utilized and is returned in ideal packaging or sealed condition. For that reason, if the mobile is not of interest to us, it is more suitable not to eliminate it “out of curiosity” and after that put it back, because we could have problems with the return.

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Enforce the guarantee

Nevertheless, if we find a factory problem or a defect in the terminal, we can enforce the assurance: need that they deliver another one in best condition or that the one with the issue be fixed. In this case, it might work to have at hand all the Technical Solutions purchased by brand.

If we do not reach an agreement with the merchant, the law enables us to request that they reduce the rate if we keep them that method or, even, that they return the money (declaring the termination of the contract, while the seller has breached part of your organization contract).

reparacion de iphone

Nevertheless, in order to utilize this right, it will be necessary that Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar have not forgotten to leave us the purchase invoice or invoice, which will be required to be provided to use the guarantee.

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