How to Improve Mobile Coverage, Inside and Outside the Home

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Many of us rely on the mobile phone as the nerve center of our conversations. The smartphone has become for years the main way of connecting with others, whether calling and sending messages or through the Internet. In this sense, having good coverage is essential.

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As long as you do not have coverage problems, it is to be expected that your mobile signal remains firm and works optimally wherever you go: at work, in a supermarket, in the gym, etc … However, not everything The world has a good signal on mobile phones, especially in some rural areas, or regions where there are physical obstacles that prevent the signals from reaching the phones correctly.

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So how can I improve mobile coverage ?


  • Improve mobile signal at home
  • Improve telephone coverage abroad
  • If all else fails …

Improve mobile signal at home

We know that dressing our phone with a case is very striking but we recommend that, at least when you get home, you remove it. A very thick sleeve or housings made of certain types of material may be obstructing the signal. This can be a nuisance when the signal is particularly low.

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Knowing where the cell tower is located is essential to improve phone coverage . If you visit the CellMaper website and give it access to your location, you will see which antenna your smartphone connects to. When you know where the tower is located, you will know which direction its signal is coming from and you will be able to locate the places inside your house that have the best signal.

Switching between 5G, 4G and 3G to see if you can get a better connection and improved coverage using one network or another is also another trick that will help us. Sometimes a specific network can get congested, resulting in slow speeds. Changing the network can help you strengthen the signal.

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Finally, you can use a device like u n signal amplifier that amplifies the outward sign that you receive in your home. So you can surf at a higher speed, get a higher call quality and, in general, a stronger signal.

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These devices do not create a signal but work with whatever is available, even a small one, and amplify it to ensure that the phone can pick up and use it correctly.

Lastly, you can make use of WiFi calls. Technically it is not a method to improve the mobile signal , but making calls and using data over WiFi is a way to keep in touch with the outside world when there is no coverage on the smartphone.

Improve telephone coverage abroad

Both indoors and outdoors, it is important to have a good battery level. Today’s smartphones are designed to save battery when it reaches a low percentage and while the mobile searches for a signal, the battery drains more quickly. For this reason, if your smartphone is low on power, it will be more difficult to connect to a cell tower.

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Checking the SIM card is also a good idea as it can become dusty or damaged in some way, preventing proper signal reception. Remember that the SIM card is the nerve center of coverage in our mobile and any problem in it will affect how we receive the signal intensity.

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If all else fails …

If after carrying out all these tricks to improve mobile coverage you are still not comfortable with the signal your mobile receives, you should try changing your operator. Find a company with better coverage in your area by reviewing the coverage maps of each one of them and, if possible, talk to your neighbors to find out which operator they use and if they have better coverage.

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