How to Fix Xiaomi Facial Recognition Problems

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One of the most comfortable methods to unlock the mobile is undoubtedly facial recognition, an option that practically all Xiaomi phones have. However, many of the phones with MIUI have problems recognizing the user’s face , causing us to have to resort to the pattern or pin and losing a lot of time along the way. So that this does not happen to you, we are going to give you all the keys.

In any version of MIUI we will be able to solve with the failures of the Xiaomi facial unlocking , we just have to follow the steps that we explain, emphasizing each of them. Dedicating time to the configuration can be of great help and will avoid that every time we pick up the mobile we find the annoying error that prevents us from using it quickly.

Problems with Xiaomi facial recognition

In case the Xiaomi face unlock is giving you problems, either occasionally or more often, the best we can do without a doubt is to try to repeat the whole process. But first we have to erase the facial data in Xiaomi to create it again, which we will do with these steps:

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borrar reconocimiento facial Xiaomi

  • We enter the Xiaomi Settings.
  • We locate and enter the Password and security option.
  • We touch on Face Unlock.
  • Finally, we click on Delete facial data and confirm the action.

Now comes the time to correctly save our face by following the steps to activate the facial unlocking in Xiaomi, although so that you can configure it and that the same problems are not repeated, you will have to follow everything that we are going to teach you. Unfortunately in MIUI we cannot add more than one face and that is why it is important that with the only one, we make it perfect.

Tips to keep face unlock always working

  • Store the face unlock with glasses, earrings or accessories that you usually use.
  • Do not put your face in front of a light or the face image will be flawed.
  • Create the face with good lighting.
  • Look straight into the camera, not nosedive or low.
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Some ROMs are the cause of the problem

The problems with Xiaomi facial recognition in some users are also related to ROMs. Apparently there are compatibility problems in some of the best known and in these cases we will have to settle for the fingerprint reader or alternative methods. If you have not made ROM changes, this does not have to affect you, but if you have, the only solution will be to reinstall the official ROM on Xiaomi with the MiFlash tool.

actualizacion miui 12 xiaomi redmi 9

For all those who have not changed the ROM, what they should do to try to fix them is to go into Settings> About the phone and check if there is any new update with which the problem is solved.

Xiaomi’s face unlock is very slow

Another situation that we have come across and many users have commented on in the official Xiaomi forums has to do with the speed of face unlocking. In MIUI 12, they mainly complain about the reaction time of the smartphone after unlocking , which we can improve if we change only one option.

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opción desbloqueo facial Xiaomi miui 12

  • We access the Xiaomi Settings.
  • We touch the Password and security option.
  • We choose Face Unlock.
  • We uncheck the option called “Stay on the lock screen after unlocking the mobile.”

With this, what we achieve is that we avoid an intermediate step, allowing us to go directly to the Xiaomi home screen without having to go through the lock screen as long as the face unlock does its job.

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