How to Fix Samsung Edge Screen Problems

The notifications of our mobile are vital to know what happens. There are so many applications and alerts that we receive on a daily basis, that it is necessary to have several elements that call our attention so that we do not overlook anything. Samsung mobiles have several options in this regard, including the famous Edge screen, to be notified.

On our site we have seen on several occasions, possible solutions to problems with notifications. However, the Edge screen of the Samsung Galaxy is certainly different. It is because it is a special method that takes into account the lighting of the screen, and that can give some other problem. Luckily, possible solutions are also within our reach on most occasions.

Remember that edge lighting takes advantage of the screen of our mobile to surround the screen and thus notify us through different types of animations, that we have a pending alert. For example when we have received a WhatsApp message or we have a missed call. For this reason, when it stops working, we must take into account several aspects to make everything return to normal.

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Check settings

Within the settings of the “edge” screen there are two that we have to check to see if they are the cause of the problem. The first and although it seems more obvious, is the tab for the activation of the function itself. It may be that some system adjustment, update or permission of an app has disabled it . Therefore our first stop will be to check it from Settings / Screen / Edge screen / Edge screen lighting.

The second important setting is within these same options and refers to “With the screen off”. If it is disabled we will not see Edge notifications when we have the screen off, so it may be the cause of the problem. We must try to activate it and see if everything returns to normal.

mostrar edge con pantalla apagada

Check app notifications

One of the most important options is that applications can be allowed to notify their alerts on the Edge screen. We may have some selected and others not, so we may think that the option does not work correctly. Within the options we must touch on “Choose applications” and then select all, or only those that we want to appear on the edge screen.

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apps pantalla edge

Clear app cache

If we have checked the previous steps, but we see that a specific app is reluctant to notify on the Edge screen , we must clear its cache, as the problem may be solved. For this we enter Settings / Applications and select the one with problems. Then we clear its cache, restart the mobile and try again.

bixby borrar cache

Search for updates

If all of the above fails, we must verify that we do not have pending updates for our Samsung Galaxy . If so, an update may fix the problem. To check it we will go to Settings / System / System Updates.

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