How to Export Emails from Thunderbird to Gmail?


Summary: In this post, we have actually provided various techniques to export Thunderbird e-mails to Gmail We have also discussed about how to back up your Thunderbird mailbox information.

Mozilla Thunderbird is an open-source e-mail customer that supports both IMAP and POP3 email accounts. It’s a desktop application and conserves mailbox items in MBOX files in your area. On the other hand, Gmail is a web-based email service that stores e-mails in cloud storage. It can be accessed on any computer or mobile through a web-browser.

Many organizations prefer Gmail as it enables ease of access of e-mails from anywhere and on any device. It does not require any software installation and setup.

If you are utilizing Thunderbird and wish to export Thunderbird e-mails to Gmail, you can do it in various methods.

How to Export Thunderbird Emails to Gmail?

There are two approaches, discussed listed below, to export Thunderbird emails to Gmail Before proceeding, you must take a backup of your Thunderbird mailbox data. This is because there are opportunities of data loss throughout the export.

Steps to back up Thunderbird mailbox data:

Thunderbird conserves mail box data in MBOX files on your system. To take a backup of these files, follow these steps:

  • Press Windows R to release the Run dialog box.
  • Type % APPDATA% in the dialog box and click OKAY
  • In the Roaming folder that opens, choose Thunderbird. You will find the MBOX files in the Profiles folder.
  • Copy the MBOX files to a different place.
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Note: The MBOX files generally have the names of Mailbox folders. For the Inbox folder and Drafts folder, the MBOX files will have names INBOX and DRAFTS, respectively.

Idea: If you want to back up Thunderbird e-mails in PST or other universal formats, or migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook, you can use a dependable software such as Excellent Converter for MBOX The software can convert MBOX information in Outlook-importable PST and other formats such as PDF, HTML, RTF, etc. with no information loss. It also enables you to sneak peek and filter Thunderbird e-mails prior to saving them.

Following are the 2 techniques to export Thunderbird emails to Gmail:

Method # 1: Drag and Drop Emails

If you do not have a large number of e-mails in your Thunderbird mailbox, you can just drag and drop them into Gmail For this, follow these actions:

  • Log into your Gmail account. Click the Equipment icon on the top-right corner and select See all settings
  • Open Forwarding and POP/IMAP In the IMAP gain access to area, select Enable IMAP
  • Click Conserve Changes at the bottom and close the tab.
  • Release Thunderbird and open the menu.
  • Select Options and after that choose Account Settings
  • From the Account Actions menu, choose Mail Account
  • Enter your name, Gmail address, and password.set up email account
  • Click Continue, choose IMAP, and then choose Done
  • Now, drag and drop the Thunderbird emails in the wanted Gmail folder.
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Method # 2: Usage Gmail’s Import Function

Gmail uses an Import feature which you can utilize to import emails and contacts from another e-mail account directly. It’s useful in exporting a great deal of emails.

To export Thunderbird emails to Gmail by using Google’s Import function, follow these actions:

  • Log into your Gmail account in a web internet browser.
  • Click the Equipment icon on the top-right corner and choose See all settings
  • Open the Accounts and Import tab and choose Import mail and contacts
  • Enter your Thunderbird e-mail ID and click Continue
  • Enter your Thunderbird e-mail password and click Continue
  • Click Import options and after that click Start Import
  • Click OK


Thunderbird is a popular email client as it’s totally free and provides a wide range of features. Many business choose Gmail for factors such as web-based access, easy setup and maintenance, etc. If you wish to export emails from Thunderbird to Gmail, you can do it by following the approaches discussed in this post. Nevertheless, it is recommended you ought to likewise take a backup of your Thunderbird mail box information in MBOX format, before exporting. For backup purposes, you can likewise conserve the MBOX file in other file formats such as PST, HTML, PDF, etc. by using an MBOX file converter

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