How to Edit Contacts on Android Phones: Number, Name or Information

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Although mobile phones are increasingly used for multimedia content, either to create it or to enjoy it, communication is still essential and, along with it, mobile contacts. It does not matter where you save them, on the mobile, the SIM or the cloud, but it is important to know how to edit the contacts on Android to be able to establish the corresponding name, number or additional information.

Edit Contacts on Android Phones

We can think of this as an easy thing to do, although it is not the same throughout the Android landscape due to the many layers of customization that exist. In most cases, knowing the process to follow in Android Stock will be more than enough, but in other cases we will have to follow the steps to the letter so as not to get lost among the possibilities.

Correct contacts on Android phones

As we have already mentioned, the next steps that we are going to explain are those that correspond to most Android phones, as it is based on the Google Contacts app that integrates from Motorola, Google Pixel, to OPPO phones. Those are the steps we must follow to edit them:

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editar contacto android

  • First we access the Contacts app.
  • Then we touch on the contact that we want to modify.
  • When entering the contact we will see the icon at the bottom in the shape of a pencil where it says “Edit contact” and we touch it.
  • Then we just have to touch the section we want to modify.
  • We can scroll to add an email or touch up on the camera to add a photo to the contact.

How to edit contacts on Xiaomi

One question that many ask is how we can edit the contacts on mobile phones with MIUI , because previously in versions like MIUI 9 this was much more complicated. Now in MIUI 10, MIUI 11 and of course MIUI 12 the steps are the same as in Android we have seen before. Xiaomi has chosen to use some Google applications to make it easier for users.

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Steps to change contacts on Realme mobiles

Realme mobiles already have Realme UI 2.0 as well as Realme UI in its first version must follow these steps to be able to edit the contacts:

editar contactos realme

  • Access the contacts or phone app.
  • Directed to the section of contacts and touch one of the.
  • Then we choose “Edit contact”.
  • We change the number, name or choose a photo, with other options such as choosing addresses or email.

Fix contacts on Samsung

Samsung mobiles that use One UI in different versions must follow some very quick and simple steps:

  • We begin by entering Contacts.
  • We choose one of them and tap on the big “Edit” button at the bottom.
  • Then we choose or delete the desired data and touch save.
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Samsung Galaxy note 10 en mano

Modify contacts on Huawei phones

For those who have a Huawei mobile in any of the EMUI versions, you will have to follow a few different steps if you want to change the name or contact information . This is what we should do:

editar contactos huawei

  • We enter Contacts.
  • We choose the contact that we want to edit.
  • We touch the apparent bottom on “Edit”.
  • It will take us to a new tab where we can delete and write about name, number, email or choose an image.

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