How to Calibrate the Apple Watch Battery for Troubleshooting

On many occasions we tend to think that a device needs repair because it shows some kind of problem apparently caused by its hardware. However, it is not always necessary to go to technical service and this is the case of some Apple Watch with battery problems, since perhaps it only needs to be “reset” in a certain way. For this reason, in this article we will tell you how you can calibrate the battery of an Apple Watch.

Tips for calibrating the battery

There are several indications to know that the Apple Watch battery requires a calibration. The first of them is that the battery percentage changes randomly, showing strange values such as being at 10% and after a while at 20% or similar. Also related to this we find the fact that the device turns off due to lack of battery despite the fact that the percentage shown previously to it was high enough.

Calibrate the Apple Watch Battery

Also, if you notice that it takes a long time to reach 100% charge when it is connected to the power, it can be an indicator, although in this case we also recommend changing the cable and power adapter to rule out that they are the ones that fail. Also if you notice that the health of the battery has dropped a lot suddenly, something that can be checked in Settings> Battery from the Apple Watch itself.


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It is also especially recommended to do a calibration when the battery is new . Not when the device has just been purchased, but when it has been taken for repair and the device is still the same, but not the battery. Although the technical service always tries to deliver the watch in the best condition, a correct calibration is not always achieved.

Are there any risks from calibration?

Absolutely. Performing a frequent battery calibration of the Apple Watch, like any other device, can end up being harmful in the long run because in the end they are consuming charge cycles in a useless way, since if it is not necessary it is not necessary. In any case, rest assured if you think you should calibrate the battery, since it does not expose your watch to risks and neither does it require physical tools that could damage it.

Steps to calibrate the Apple Watch

As you will see below, calibrating the Apple Watch battery is not a complicated process, although it is not a quick thing to do in a moment. It will take a few hours and you will have to “sacrifice” the use of the device during that time.

  • Let the watch battery drain completely until it shuts itself off.
  • Once it has been turned off, leave the Apple Watch for about 6 hours without connecting it to the power and without trying to turn it on.
  • Connect the watch to its official charger and keep it charging for at least 6 hours in a row. It will not matter if your Apple Watch has charged 100% much earlier, since it should not be disconnected or used in all that time.
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Once you have done this, the device should already have its battery calibrated and ready to be able to use the watch without any type of problem, such as those exposed in the first section of this article.

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If this has not solved the problems

If at this point you are still experiencing strange things with your watch battery, sadly there won’t be much else for you to do. Perhaps as a last solution you can try to restore it and reconfigure it, if possible, without installing any backup copy. If despite this the problems are not solved, we recommend that you go to the technical service to be able to explain the problem to them and that they verify the exact cause to give you a solution that probably involves repairing the device. The cost of this will depend on the exact problem you have, the model of watch you have, if it is under warranty or if it is a factory defect. In these last two cases, you may even get a free repair if the failure is not due to misuse on your part.

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