How to Backup Chrome Bookmarks

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Nowadays, the programs known as Internet browsers do not stop growing, both in terms of power, functionality, security and users. Not in vain these are already used indistinct mint both on desktops and mobile devices, with Chrome at the helm.

In fact when we refer to this proposal from the search giant, we are actually referring to the flagship browser for a long time. This is mainly due to its enormous market penetration, well above 50% of global use. And it is that this browser developed by Google is the most used in the whole world and by far.


You could say that this is a program that is actually one of the first applications that users download and install on their computers. In the same way, it is also one of the programs in which we spend the most time on a day-to-day basis with the computer. From here we can carry out all kinds of Internet- related tasks . Also, like most of its competitors, Google Chrome is a free browser and is available for any operating system.

Chrome’s functionality and security are very important

Say that from this program, as long as we have an Internet connection, we can carry out all kinds of tasks. From downloading programs, to playing games, working in the cloud, sharing all kinds of data or interacting with other users. Furthermore, the program developers try to make things much easier for us. As most of you will already know first-hand, from here we visit thousands of different websites, such as ours from SoftZone .

As with most of the proposals of this type, its developers take great care of the experience of their users. Here issues such as functionality, security and the interface as such come into play . That is why it could be said that current web browsers are full of interesting functions that try to improve the user experience. Because these programs are one of the most used on a daily basis, how could it be otherwise, their complexity is increasing based on updates and new versions.

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Due to all this, it is a fact that these programs increasingly offer us more functions and features in order to adapt to current times. In turn, users are increasingly demanding in this regard, especially if one takes into account the wide range of products that we have at hand. But among the many functions that we find, one of the elements that we use the most in these programs are the bookmarks.

Chrome bookmarks utility

As you probably know, thanks to these specific elements, we have the possibility of storing in a simple way, those websites that we find interesting. We can also access them in several ways, for example through the Bookmarks menu of the program button.

Chrome bookmarks menu

Therefore these elements that we save in Internet browsing sessions , we can reload and see later if we want. It is worth mentioning that these stored links are intended for us to visit them more often than others. At the same time it avoids us having to memorize them to use them later.

Of course, over time these markers that we are talking about grow in number, reaching thousands of them. In addition, many can be very important to us, so losing them suddenly could become a clear problem. It is for all this and to avoid future troubles, that we are going to show you how to make a backup copy of these elements in Chrome. This is a copy of all of them that for example we can safely save on a USB memory in case we need to recover them one day. It is also advisable to do the same periodically

At the same time, it must be taken into account that these elements are stored in our Google account in Chrome. Therefore, if we change equipment, simply enter the credentials of the same. But of course, we may not have access to these accounts, so let’s see another solution.

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How to backup Chrome bookmarks

In this way, in the event that due to some problem we do not have access to the browser of the giant Google or we lose our account, we do not lose the bookmarks. This is something that becomes especially important in the case that there are many elements of this type that we have accumulated over the years. Therefore we will tell you that Chrome itself allows us to save them in a single file in HTML format .

Specifically, this is what we are going to show you below and thus be able to make backup copies of these bookmarks that we are talking about. This is also a powerful program that greatly facilitates the creation of a backup of these elements. For this we are going to make use of a single HTML file that we can store in a safe place. In the same way, if we need it, that same file can be imported into any other browser or Chrome profile that we have.

For this, the first thing we will do is access the browser as such and click on the menu button that is located in the upper right corner of the interface.

Chrome Menu button

Next, in the drop-down list that appears, click on the Bookmarks option and Bookmark Manager. In the same way, so that everything is more direct, we have the possibility of using the key combination Ctrl + Shift + O. To say that this will give us way to a new window in which we can see all the URLs and folders that with the passage of the time we have been storing. As we say, sometimes these markers can be counted in thousands, hence their importance.

Once here, what we must do is click again on the button that is represented by three dots in the upper right. We will find them next to the search box that Chrome proposes. In the new drop-down list that appears on the screen, we can now select the Export bookmarks option.

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Export bookmarks

At that precise moment we are going to find a new window that corresponds to the System File Explorer. This allows us to specify the disk location where we will save all the bookmarks as a file in HTML format. The advisable thing in this case is to save the file in another unit that is not the same one in which we have the web browser.

Manage and save bookmarks in Chrome with extensions

In the same way, we have the possibility of using some extensions in the Google browser for these tasks that we tell you about.


Here we find a bookmark manager to be able to manage and save these elements quickly and easily. Thus, Atavi replaces the Chrome function with these more visual bookmarks so that we can manage them.

Dewey Bookmarks

This is another interesting Chrome extension to save and manage these elements that we are talking about. In this way we can access them by filtering them by folders , title, date, or custom labels.


On the other hand, we find this other similar proposal that allows us to add some or all of the open tabs to a personal list of bookmarks. In this way we are storing and managing them in the best way. It is recommended that we register in order to have an account where these items are stored.

PolyMarks – Reinvent the Bookmark

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