How Does Smart Doctor Work to Fix Errors in LG Phones?

The issues that occur in our mobile can be the most different. On our website we see them constantly, whatever the brand. Some producers, such as LG, have their own repairing tool, which will conserve us from having to do different tests ourselves.

How Does Smart Doctor Work

Our mobile has plenty of components, where hardware is blended with possible software application disputes. Therefore and as we see lot of times, the issues can be differed, but for each issue we can have lots of possible services. Testing them one by one can be tedious and take a lot of time, but luckily, LG phones have an effective tool to do it immediately.


  • How does Smart Doctor work?
    • Battery saving
    • Diagnosis
    • Battery usage
    • Hardware test

How does Smart Doctor work?

Whatever the problem, or the suspicions of an issue that we might have in our LG , the Smart Physician tool can help us fix them. In order to gain access to it, we will have to get in Settings > Select the “General” tab > Smart Doctor. When inside we will see a number of alternatives, depending upon the problem we have or wish to solve.

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modo diagnostico lg

Battery conserving

Also, by clicking on the battery saving choice we can trigger the various conserving modes of the system, as a kind of direct access. We can also shut off the applications or components of the system that are taking in the battery the most at that time.


Here we can see a summary of the applications and data that are not used, however that continue to occupy space in memory. We can delete them as required or not. In addition, the system will give us extremely useful reminders, such as the truth of making a backup, in case of stopping that a long period of time has actually passed given that the previous one.

Battery usage

By selecting this option, the system will perform a deep analysis of the use we offer to the battery. In this way we can get recommendations on how to much better charge the terminal or which applications are using too many milliamps.

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bateria lg diagnostico

Hardware test

This choice is the one that will perform an extensive analysis of our mobile to see if there is an issue with the hardware elements. When beginning the tool, the system will search for possible failures in the following sensing units and connections: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, proximity sensing unit, light sensing unit, finger print sensing unit, accelerometer, gyroscope and motion sensor. When the procedure is finished and if issues are discovered, the system will use us the best recommendations to try to solve them.

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