GPS Locators to Always Have Your Pet Under Control

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When an animal enters our house, the normal thing is that it is quickly considered one of the family. One of the main fears of those who have a pet is that it may run away from home or get lost at a certain moment. Fortunately, new technologies have made it possible to manufacture certain devices that allow an animal, person or object to be easily located.

We refer to GPS locators , devices that allow us to know the exact location of a dog, cat or any other animal, person or even a car. If you are reading this article, then surely on some occasion you have had a good scare when you saw that your dog, cat or pet had disappeared from home. It is even possible that when you go out for a walk with them they can get confused and get lost, especially if we go through the countryside.

GPS Locators to Always Have Your Pet

To be able to enjoy our pets anywhere and at any time, the best option is to place a GPS locator on their collar. In this way, we can know the exact location of the animal if we lose sight of it. Next, we are going to show some GPS locators specially designed for dogs and cats.

GPS locators for pets


GPS locator that offers real-time tracking with no monthly fee. It combines various technologies such as GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth for accurate real-time positioning. Small devices, waterproof and very easy to use. It allows to define a safe area and in case our pet moves away from it we will receive a notification. It also offers the possibility of activating lights on the tracker to find our pet easier in dark places. It offers an autonomy of up to 16 hours.

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KIPPY GPS locator

GPS tracker for pets suitable for all types of collars. It is very light, only weighs 38 grams, requires the use of a SIM card and the contracting of a service package with a monthly fee. It has GPS, GMS, WIFI and Bluetooth systems to be able to accurately track each movement of our pet. It also offers information on the daily activity of our pet, distance traveled, speed, altitude, etc.

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DCUKPST locator

GPS device with a compact, lightweight and waterproof design that allows you to establish a safe area and receive alerts in the event that your pet leaves it. It has a large capacity battery and a full fast charge for easy use. The tracker works with GPS, WiFi, AGPS, LBS and the long distance technology system for exact location.

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Hangang GPS Tracker

GPS tracker that adapts perfectly to our pet’s collar. It offers remote monitoring in real time of the animal and incorporates a microphone that allows you to listen to the sound around the tracker. It uses GPS positioning technology and offers the possibility of establishing a safety area. It is a model that has resistance to water and rain.

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Weenect GPS locator

This GPS locator works without a distance limit, allowing you to follow your pet from your mobile in real time. The GPS sensor sends its position up to once every 10 seconds. It has a sound that allows you to associate it with the time of the meal, so we can also associate it with your coming home to eat. The battery offers a range of up to 3 days for each charge. It is equipped with a SIM card and requires a subscription to the location service with a monthly cost.

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Tractive TRNJAWH GPS tracker

Tractive is one of the most popular manufacturers when it comes to GPS locators for pets. In this case, it is a tracker that allows us to locate our pet from the mobile phone in real time. It allows you to establish a safe area and receive a warning if at any time you leave that area. It also offers information on the animal’s daily activity, distance traveled, calories burned, etc. It requires a SIM card and a monthly subscription plan.

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Tractive TRAXL1 GPS tracker

GPS locator for large pets, especially for those who weigh more than 20 kg. It can be easily attached to any collar or harness and has no distance limit. It has an integrated SIM card and requires a service plan to cover the costs of mobile coverage. It allows to know the exact location of our pet from any device.

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Mini GPS locator PJxerdQ

This model of GPS locator can be used to locate our pet, with people and even to avoid losing objects. It offers a very precise positioning through GPS and in real time, it allows to establish a safety zone and receive alerts in the event that it leaves it. It has an SOS button and requires a SIM card.

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MUXAN GPS locator

Another complete model of pet locator or tracker is this one from Hangang. It offers a quick position through GPS, allows you to access it from your mobile app and create a safety area to be able to receive an alert in the event that our pet moves away from it. It has a long-lasting battery and a weight of just 45 grams.

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Xianshi GPS locator

Multifunction model for pets, people or objects. It supports bluetooth connection with our mobile phone for real-time location and is manufactured in a durable and wear-resistant material. Compatible with iOS and Android phones and devices.

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