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Among Us

On such a complicated Christmas, many of the family traditions will have to be postponed for another time. However, thanks to the internet, we can continue to communicate and even play with our family members, so we have decided to compile a series of free games with which to have fun with the ones you love the most even from a distance.

Among us

Among Us juego

What game did you think was going to be the first recommendation? Among Us is one of the revelations of the year, and even though it is a game that was launched on the market a couple of years ago, confinement and some renowned streamers have managed to give it a second chance that not even the developers themselves continue to believe.

In Among Us we will play a kind of Cluedo. Players will take on the role of a crewman on a spaceship that needs to be repaired. Each player will have to find tasks to complete them and fix the entire ship, however, 1 or 2 players will have the role of impostors, which will have to pass as crew members to assassinate each of the players one by one. Will the crew be able to find out who the impostor is?

Pinturillo 2

Pinturillo 2

There is nothing better than a few bad scribbles to unleash the imagination. Pinturillo 2 is something like online Pictionary, where players will have to show their artistic skills to try to make the rest guess the secret word.

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Whoever guesses it first in time will get the maximum number of points, although this score will vary depending on the time remaining on the turn. After the round is completed, the player who has collected the most points wins.



The classics never die. A good game of Parcheesi always ensures good times, so prepare your virtual cup and get ready to take your chips to their final square before anyone else. At this point we are not going to explain how to play Parcheesi, right?



Challenge whoever you want in this online Trivia game in which you will have to answer different questions from six different categories. Show that you are the one who knows the most about general culture and get the highest score for the game.



The famous turn-based card game made the digital leap a long time ago, and today it is still an option to consider when playing with family and friends. Fun and frantic at the same time, Uno! It is a game to take into account if you want to have a good laugh.

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo’s mythical Mario Kart came to mobile phones to offer its magnificent circuits inspired by the world of Super Mario. With excellent playability supported by a simple one-handed control, Mario Kart Tour is a great game to play with those who are not very familiar with video games.

Guess Who It Is!

Adivina quien es

Another game based on another classic board game. We are obviously talking about Who is Who, since in this application we will have to find out which character is hiding among the chosen ones of our rival. As we ask questions and discard options, we must reach the final tab and try to reveal the hidden character.

Golf Battle

Golf Battle

Compete against your friends to see who is able to reach the hole in the fastest way and with the fewest possible hits. A very entertaining golf game with arcade touches that will pit us against our friends in real time.



Based on the mechanics of the famous Scrabble, in Apalabrados we will have to create chains of words to reach the highest possible score by means of complex letters and multipliers that will allow you to get many more points. Another of the great successful mobile games.

Developer: Etermax
Developer: etermax

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