FIFA 21 Comes to Stadia and Will Have 6 New Mobile Games

FIFA 21 Comes to Stadia

It seems that Google has not wasted any time and has already begun to focus on “providing the opportunity for developers to take advantage of the features of our platform.” And it is that EA Sports has announced the arrival of FIFA 21 to Stadia , thus being the first time that the football franchise lands on the streaming game service.

Play FIFA on Stadia

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On March 17, FIFA 21 will arrive on Stadia to offer the famous football simulator from the cloud, thus allowing you to play with your Ultimate Team wherever you want. In this way, FIFA finally reaches the Stadia catalog, although as always you will have to pay for the game, since for now the service policy is still intact: you will have to pay the monthly fee for Stadia Pro and the purchase price of the game .

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FIFA’s arrival comes after Google announced the closure of its two development studios, news that does the service a disservice. But from Google they made it clear that the intention is to focus on the platform and make things easy for the rest of the developers, so launching an agreement with EA serves to calm the waters. We’ll see if this relationship continues to bear fruit.

More FIFA mobile games


Meanwhile, EA has also announced that it is working on 6 different games that cover both simulator and arcade modes, so we will have FIFA for a while, whatever your player profile is. At the moment the details of these experiences are unknown, so we will have to continue waiting until the company decides on the matter.

FIFA for everyone

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That FIFA is a goldmine for EA is something we already knew. With 325 million copies sold worldwide throughout its life, the series is in better health than ever, especially since microtransactions arrived, a modality that has a legion of followers and generates insane amounts of money in the coffers of the company.

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With the rollout of six new mobile apps, the company will no doubt experience the addition of modes like Ultimate Team in those parts, so quarterly financial summaries could get even more interesting with new titles to come. . And it was already taking EA to explore the mobile market.

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