Dangers of Downloading and Using Templates and Themes in Office

There are many elements and functions that we can use when we work with the most used office suite in the world, Office . When we talk about this software, we refer to a set of programs as important as Word, Excel or PowerPoint, among others.

In fact, it could be said that in general terms these are the most used applications in the world. And it is that who does not normally use Word or Excel in their workplace or for their studies. And something similar happens when we have to carry out some kind of office document at home. These, despite being payment proposals, are one of the first alternatives that come to mind. It is true that there are other similar free suites, such as LibreOffice , among others.

Dangers of Downloading and Using Templates and Themes in Office

But with everything and with it, this is a sector that continues to be led, and for years, by the Redmond proposal. In fact, the suite and its programs do not stop growing and evolving to adapt to the current needs of its millions of users. Among the many elements that Microsoft makes available to us for its programs, we find templates and themes for Office. These are objects highly valued by many users due to their high functionality

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They are actually documents pre-designed by third parties that focus on a specific type of use for us to personalize and adapt. They are characterized by being striking and by saving us having to start with a document from scratch, they can save us a good amount of time and effort. But sometimes these elements that we are talking about, templates and themes for Office, can have their risks. In fact, it is precisely the same ones that we are going to talk about in these same lines.

Plantillas powerpoint

Unreliable download pages

Many templates that we use in Word, Excel or PowerPoint are offered to us in the same programs by the developers of the programs. But at the same time we can find several of these elements on the Internet. That is why, in order not to take risks when downloading these contents, we try to access fully reliable web pages to avoid the installation of unwanted software and the like.

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Templates with some type of malware

In addition, by using unofficial content, we don’t really know the file that we are downloading and opening on our PC . Cybercriminals sometimes use these files that we use with complete confidence to sneak their malicious code onto the computer. That is why a previous scan of them with the antivirus, does not hurt.

Files too heavy

On the other hand, even being free of malware and viruses, the templates and themes that we download are sometimes too large files. This may be due to the misuse of the content it hosts, or because there are too many. This can translate into a serious problem, especially if we plan to share the final document or work on an old PC.

100% unsupported templates

Another possible drawback that we may encounter is that the objects used in these templates are not compatible with our version of Office . Therefore we will find a squad that, half finished, in reality is of little or no use to us.

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