Boston Dynamics Robots and Their Great Do You Love Me Choreography

Atlas, Area and some other Boston Dynamics robotics show why they are the most advanced in regards to motions at this moment. In the most recent video released by the company they forget about the dives and other pirouettes to thrill you with a choreography deserving of the best musicals Yes, watching them dance is rather a show.

From parkour to choreography

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Boston Dynamics robots have been surprising for years with their motor abilities What started as gadgets capable of walking in a rather crude way has become a phenomenon that video after video released demonstrated all their abilities.

Boston Dynamics Robots

In this way, we have actually seen how they carried out runs, various gymnastic motions, cartwheels and even parkour. All this without forgetting many other actions connected to everyday such as opening doors or cleaning meals. With each and every one of these demonstrations it was clear that few robotics might surpass them, if there were any, at the movement level With the last one it has actually already been the most.

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In the last video submitted and released by Boston Dynamics on various social media networks you can see how Spot (the canine-shaped robot), Atlas (the most humanoid of all) and Manage, that other lesser-known proposal that is a sort of cart with a giraffe-like neck they mark a choreography worthwhile of the best Broadway musicals And if you don’t think us and it so happens that you haven’t seen them in movement yet, hit play on the next video.

To the rhythm of “Do you enjoy me” by the group The Contours, a real classic where they exist, the four Boston Characteristics robotics perform a very well integrated choreography filled with motions that sometimes would cost much of us far more than to them. And not because we can’t, however because we need to confess that not everyone has the same grace when it pertains to dancing. It is also true that seeing how a robotic moves with more circulation than one … offers you to think for a while.

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The video is a real spectacle and if by any opportunity you have been following the business’s progress on these issues, you can not help however be shocked by whatever that has actually been attained. As we stated previously, from those very first videos previously numerous things have changed, not just the quality of the recorded product, however likewise the reaction capabilities of each of the robotics. Spot has always been surprising, however the Atlas thing reaches a point where it is even easy to feel sorry for him and treat him as something more than a basic robot.

After the dance, what’s next?

Boston Dynamics Spot

In other words, there will be those who are a bit scared of these advances. Much more so if they are integrated with expert system and we imagine who will be predicting the end of the world based on a legion of robots of this type, but the fact is that beyond the striking of their presentations or this dance, the advance in regards to robotics it is still important for the future and various unsafe tasks where it is better to send out a machine than an individual.

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Nevertheless, all this will be viewed as the years pass. For now, stick to this choreography that you will undoubtedly want to see again. A curious method to close a year that has been, to state the least, busy.

By the method, Area needs to also state that a few months ago another dance was marked. This time with the style of Uptwon in the background.

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