Best Thief Games for iPhone and iPad

In the App Store you can find a wide range of games that put you in the shoes of many professions or circumstances. This time we propose to you the possibility of taking whatever that you please through a series of video games that propose you to be a real thief. Undoubtedly without you being found. We show you the very best ones below.

The versatility of the App Store with its video games

In the App Shop you can discover a large number of video games to enjoy on iPhone or iPad. The secret of the application shop lies primarily in the great versatility of its categories. You can discover almost everything and although it might be unusual there are also video games fixated burglars. Certainly this is an activity we should constantly stay away from, however we can put ourselves in the shoes of a burglar through these games. And all this without the worry of winding up in prison for these criminal offenses.

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Best Thief Games for iPhone and iPad

Break-in Bob, an extremely ninja burglar

Get into the shoes of the thief Bob and take whatever that you discover on your way. You need to go through all the hiding places that you discover on the map to be able to evade the eyes of all the security personnel you will fulfill. In addition to your ninja abilities to be able to prevent the stares of those who must not see you, you likewise have a series of devices. It has more than 100 levels whose final objective is to get one of the numerous loot that are dispersed in maps such as personal homes or shopping mall.

Break-in Bob 2, a very addictive 2nd serving

And if the previous video game winds up making you fall in love, you must understand that there is a second part that is loaded with news. It stands apart above all for having 100 brand-new levels of robbery and enjoyable. You need to learn to play hide and seek considering that among the mechanics of this part is to adhere to the walls with the goal of concealing at all times. Amongst the brand-new accessories are teleport mines or RC cars.

Burglar Simulator, going into homes has never ever been so simple

thief simulator

You remain in a city of abundant individuals and your mission will be to make yourself rich by taking everything you find in your case. It is a first-person video game in which you will make money as the different robberies pass knowing that you need to conceal from all eyes. As the work is completed you will see how the problem increases making the video game much more complex.

Armed Heist, a PayDay adapted to the iPhone

Prepare to rob banks and any other establishment in Armed Heist. You can start tailoring all your weapons to deal with the more than 70 challenges that you will have ahead. You will have at your disposal a map that is absolutely flexible to be able to lastly pick the very best location where you are going to strike. Just as you can tailor the weapons, you will also have the possibility of raising particular skills of your character to shine.

Sneak Thief 3D, striking against security

sneak thief 3D

With a very different visual, this video game provides a series of situations that will undoubtedly be extremely appealing and also really addicting. In the first individual you will have to go through all the security determines that you will discover along with eliminating the security personnel from the middle. You can take any things you discover on the map like a basic chair, and struck the guards from the back so that they are up to the ground and hence they will not find you.

Plunder thief, however not hunted

Ladron saqueador

This casual game aims to put you in the shoes of a thief who starts to pack his hands with whatever that remains in his method. From food from a grocery store to cash that is hidden in a bank. The issue is that a law enforcement officer will be trying to find you in the streets that you will need to evade on each of the corners.

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