All the Free Games on the Epic Games Store for Christmas

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With the launch of the four given game, the Epic Games Store seems to confirm one of the rumors that appeared a few days ago on the networks, and that is that the supposed list of free games that the company was going to distribute as a Christmas gift seems to coincide to the maximum as more games appear.


  • All the free games that the Epic Games Store will give away
  • Are these all games for real?
  • Many more offers

All the free games that the Epic Games Store will give away

Epic Games Store for Christmas

After seeing Cities: Skylines inaugurate the Epic Games Christmas promotion, Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty followed, and after good old Abe came The Long Dark . The surprises were arriving every 24 hours, however, it seems that someone was not caught off guard.

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As the Twitter user Jovanmunja anticipated on the 18th, it seems that someone gave him the correct list of all the games that would reach the Epic Store for free. And it is that all the launches that the brand seems to have planned for these 15 days of gifts are being confirmed one by one. According to the posted tweet, the games and days would be as follows:

  • Cities: Skylines – December 17
  • Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty – December 18
  • The Long Dark – December 19
  • Defense Grid 1 – December 20
  • Alien: Isolation – December 21
  • Metro 2033 – December 22
  • Tropico December 5 – 23
  • Inside – December 24
  • Darkest Dungeon – December 25
  • My Time in Portia – December 26
  • Night in the Woods – December 27
  • Stranded Deep – December 28
  • Solitairica – December 29
  • Torchlight II – December 30
  • Jurassic World Evolution – December 31

Are these all games for real?

Cities Skylines

Obviously there is absolutely nothing confirmed, but taking into account that the list has hit the appearance of the first 4 games and their launch order, everything indicates that a certain person has been able to access the privileged list before anyone else.

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Among the games that are yet to come there are some very interesting releases such as Alien: Isolation, Metro 2033 or Inside. If you get 100% correct, the list doesn’t seem to hide any flashy bombshell, so don’t expect much more than what you can read in the information.

Many more offers

However, remember that the Epic Games Stores is offering discounts of all kinds on a large number of games, so you may not get the free game you were waiting for, but you may get a big discount on another high-caliber game, such as is the case of Watch Dogs: Legion.

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