9 Fixes For The Unfortunately Google Play Store Has Stopped Error

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9 Fixes For The Unfortunately Google Play Store Has Stopped Error

If you’re experiencing the following error message: “unfortunately google play store has stopped“, it’s definitely an annoying but fixable problem.

Over at Stack Exchange, they say this error occurs when smartphone apps are updated or Google Play Store is updated, but there is a corrupted version or incompatible version.

Fix Unfortunately Google Play Store Has Stopped

We’ve collected several fixes below from around the internet so you can clear this error and get back to downloading Google Play apps.

First, check out the video tutorial below- they’ve aggregated a bunch of Google Play fixes so it’s a quick way to implement solutions.

How To Fix “Unfortunately, Google Play store has stopped” Error on Android Devices?

This video walks you through 4 methods- try them out and proceed to some of the other fixes below if the video doesn’t help.

These fixes should apply to all Google product: any phone Google’s Android OS, the Android Dev Phone 1 (HTC Dream), Nexus phones (the One, S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, 5, 6) and Pixel.

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Solution #1 (Memory Issues)

According to an ifixit user, one of the reasons you can encounter this error is that your Google device doesn’t have enough memory.

Google has a helpful support document if you need some step-by-step assistance.

They advise that if you’re trying to download more apps or media, or just want to optimize device performance, clearing space on your Android device is recommended.

You can see what’s using storage or memory and then remove those files or apps. Keep in mind that storage refers to where you’re storing data, like music and photos.

And memory refers to where you run programs, like apps and the Android system itself.

Solution #2 (Date/Time Issues)

Make sure that your date and time is set accurately- this is another reason you’ll get the “google play store has stopped” error.

Solution #3 (Delete Cache)

In that same ifixit thread, the top voted answer additionally recommends opening up your Settings, going to Applications, then Application’s Manager, and then find Google Play.

  1. Navigate to Applications under Settings
  2. Once there, go to Google Play Store app by navigating to the All tab
  3. Click on on Clear data, Clear Cache and the Force stop option
  4. Then reopen the Google Play Store app on your Google device
  5. Try restarting the phone
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 Clear Your Android Cookies & Cache (Video Guide)

Depending on the version and device you’re using, you should be able to find a ‘delete cache’ button. Clicking this will delete miscellaneous properties- it’s harmless and after a restart could fix the error.

Solution #4 (Clear Data)

If Solution #3 doesn’t work, this user recommends trying the Clear Data button- this will purge removes your account information from Google Play. You’ll be able to re-enter it after you relaunch Google Play.

Solution #5 (Uninstall Updates)

You should also have access to an Uninstall Updates button- this will do a default factory settings reset. This is also worth a short, the ifixit user says.

  1. Navigate to Settings and beneath the Settings navigate to Applications.
  2. Find theGoogle Play Store under the All tab
  3. Once inside the Google Play Store, select the Uninstalling Updates option
  4. Then reboot your phone

Solution #6 (Update To Latest Version)

Over at Android Stack Exchange, they suggested a couple of simple fixes including: Check your Google Play Services version- if it’s not up to date, that could be the problem.

You could be running an outdated version or the version you have has a bug that causes conflicts with your Android version.

Solution #7 (Internet Connection)

Take a look at your Internet connection. It could be that a WiFi network is blocking some of the IP addresses that Google uses. Try toggling WiFi and your mobile data on or off on your phone and re-trying to access Google Play.

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Solution #8 (Privacy Guard Restrictions)

Another Stack Exchange user said that in his case the issue was his Privacy Guard settings. He had it set up so that it was restricting apps from keeping his phone awake, even when it’s locked/asleep.

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Configuring Privacy Guard Settings

He went into Privacy Guard’s setting and changed it to “Ask every time”.

Then he observed that Privacy Guard was indeed blocking access- so he advises that when you need to use Google Play Services, mark its permission to “Allowed”.

The rest of the time, if it’s a battery drain, keep it restricted and set it to “Denied”.

Solution #9 (Enable Downloads)

Over at AndroidCentral, a user advised going into your phone’s Application Manager, scrolling to the right to All Apps, proceed go to the very bottom and check if Downloads is at the bottom. If it is, enable it and see if that helps.

If none of these fixes worked, consider contacting your carrier, contacting Google, or posting in one of the popular support forums for Google products.

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