5 Alternative Image Viewers to Windows Photos for 2021

When we do a clean installation of Windows 10 , we find a series of applications that are already integrated into the operating system itself. These are programs that the software giant makes available to us so that we can start working on Windows from the first minute. Here we find software solutions such as Movies and TV, Mail, Calendar, Weather or Photos , among others.

However, for most users, these built-in applications we are talking about are nothing more than a hindrance. All despite Redmond’s trying to make things easier for us by starting Windows from scratch. But with everything and with it, a good part of the hundreds of millions of users of this operating system, in the end, end up installing their favorite Win32 applications.

5 Alternative Image Viewers

In fact, along these same lines we are going to focus on some of the best image viewers that you can use this year 2021 . Although initially Windows 10 proposes the aforementioned UWP Photos as a default, we have many other alternatives to choose from. This is something that we can see first-hand with these outstanding alternatives that we show you.


This is one of the proposals to see the best known photos of a time to this part. It focuses on these types of tasks in particular, but also presents many other additional functions. In fact, we can say that it has a good amount of basic photo editing functions . All of them are distributed on the sides of the program’s main visualization interface, just move the mouse pointer over those areas.

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At the same time say that as a viewer, it is one of the most comfortable that we will find. You can try it from this link .


On the other hand, we can also opt for XnView , another similar proposal focused on the visualization of photographic files . In this case we can say that it is a program characterized by its simplicity of use and the few system resources it consumes. This is something that will be very appreciated especially in equipment a little older or with tighter internal specifications. It has a simple user interface that makes these tasks much easier for us. It is worth mentioning that we have the opportunity to download and test XnView from here .


Just as its name suggests, JPEGView also focuses on viewing photos. It is compatible with the vast majority of current image formats and aims to make this type of everyday tasks as easy as possible. As in the previous case, this application offers us a minimalist interface although with some basic retouching tools. You can test the program first hand from this link .

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Here we find another powerful proposal in the form of a program that allows us to view photos on the screen in a very simple way. It puts at our disposal a visualization system through folders of the units or thumbnails . Also, if something characterizes this application, it is the fluidity with which it works. Similarly, it presents us with a series of basic editing settings if we want to use them.


Here we will see parameters such as brightness, contrast, saturation or exposure. We will also tell you that in addition to the most common file formats of this type, it accepts images in RAW and PSD formats. To finish we will tell you that to test this software right now, we can do it from here .

WildBit Viewer

On the other hand, we will also talk about WildBit Viewer, a very fast and simple photo viewer , as well as functional. We can handle a good part of its functions directly from the mouse. In fact we can even zoom precisely from the wheel itself incrementally.

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WildBit Viewer

In turn, it proposes a series of tools with which we can also carry out some editing tasks to fix the appearance of the loaded photos. For all this we only have to download it from here .

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