4 Features that Windows Media Player Should Have

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Similar to numerous other kinds of file, at the minute multimedia content is something of the most common on any Windows computer. Elements of the value of music, video, image files, etc. come into play here.

All these kinds of files, as a number of you currently know, are more than typical in most existing computers For both expert and domestic use, audio, video or image files are the order of business. To work with all of them, we have at our disposal an excellent number of programs that will help us. Whether to replicate, transform, edit or handle these, we can pick from a wide range of software.

4 Features that Windows Media Player Should Have

We have them both paid and totally free, and in the very same way there are them for a single task or material, or for all of it. To a large degree everything will depend on just how much we want to complicate ourselves, or on the needs of each case. For instance, in these lines we are going to concentrate on video and music content, types that continue to grow in popularity and usage. The Windows system itself has for a long time provided its own service for playing them for a long time, the mythical Windows Media Player.

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Nevertheless, the fact is that its approval at this time is quite low. On the contrary, we discover other much more effective third-party proposals such as Kodi or VLC, among others. Therefore, here we propose what you miss out on in the previously mentioned Microsoft program to utilize it rather of one of the other 2, for instance.

Support for using external add-ons

If there is something that characterizes the aforementioned Kodi, it is the assistance for third-party external add-ons. These greatly increase the functionality of the program, something that lots of make sure to miss out on in other supervisors and gamers such as Windows Media Gamer. These likewise refer both to sections connected to the operation, offline and online, in addition to the external element of the application.

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Increased personal privacy by default

One of the biggest problems that lots of users have about Windows 10, is whatever associated to personal privacy and telemetry. Well, something comparable happens to us when we talk about Windows Media. This is a program that if we don’t configure it properly, it also sends usage reports to Microsoft itself.

And when it pertains to your own videos and images, for example, a lot of users do not like this excessive and ought to be entirely eliminated.

Privacidad Windows media

A more current interface

As we pointed out in the past, this is a program that has actually been around for a long time in Windows, however its interface has actually not evolved much. That is why lots of users demand that the Redmond gamer be updated a bit, as it happens with the UWP Movies & TV or Photos aspect of applications.

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Greater compatibility with the most recent formats

In addition, programs like Kodi or VLC do not stop updating to improve their compatibility with all types of multimedia file formats. And this is a market that does not stop growing in this exact same sense, something that we may miss out on a lot in this integrated Microsoft proposition.

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