24-inch TVs: How to Choose the Right Model

Today we can buy Smart TV with immeasurable screen sizes so that you do not need a projector with which to enjoy a true home theater. But what if you have little space? Well, the best thing is to bet on small format televisions . We are talking about 24-inch models that fit in any corner.

Either because you want to renew the old TV in the kitchen and you don’t have too much space, or whenever you can enjoy a getaway with your motorhome, the thing is that a 24-inch TV is perfect for these situations, since it does not occupy a space excessively large. The problem is that it is a disused product, so there are fewer and fewer options to consider.

24-inch TVs

So, to make things easier for you and not have to go crazy looking for 24-inch televisions, we have prepared this top for you where you will find the best options to consider.

There are very few Smart TVs of this size


The truth is that, as we have indicated previously, there is not a great variety when it comes to finding a television with a 24-inch screen. And now, if you are looking for a model that is intelligent, things get even more complicated. Manufacturers know that, as has happened in the telephony market, where smartphones with increasingly larger screen sizes are being sought, something similar happens in the television sector.

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One of the problems that you will find when buying a 24-inch TV is the screen resolution. For starters, forget about buying a 4K model, since there are simply no televisions in this format with UHD resolution. And, although we have found some Full HD TV, most models are 720p. A small price to pay to enjoy a TV with such a small screen.

To this day, a 24-inch model does not have excessive pull in the market, so it is quite difficult to find a Smart TV with this particular screen size . Say that in our compilation we have included a couple of models that have Android TV as an operating system. We have even found a television whose operating system allows native access to Netflix. But the vast majority of models are conventional televisions.

Buy a gadget to turn your TV into a Smart TV

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Fortunately, the solution to this problem is much simpler than you might think. To begin with, all the televisions that we have selected for you have USB ports. In this way, you can always connect a storage unit and play movies and series in the most comfortable way. This is perfect if you are traveling in a caravan and want to watch something on TV while relaxing in the middle of nature. By not having an Internet connection nearby, it will not matter to you having a television or a Smart TV.

And in case you want to enjoy the advantages that smart TVs offer, the solution is as simple as buying a dongle that turns your TV into a brand new Smart TV . There are quite a few gadgets on the market that will surprise you with their functionality. Models like the Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google’s ChromeCast or the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick (which includes Android TV as an operating system), are excellent solutions to this problem.

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The only thing you need is an HDMI port, and all the models that you will find later have this element. So, if you want to enjoy your on-demand content platforms on these televisions, don’t hesitate to bet on this gadget to make things much easier for you. Finally, say that none of the models that you will find have a price that exceeds 200 euros, so you will not have to scratch your pocket too much to enjoy any of the 24-inch televisions that we have selected for you.


Televisor LED 24

We start this compilation with a TV from the NPG firm that will not disappoint you at all. More than anything because it is one of the few 24-inch Smart TVs. This particular model works with Android TV, so you will have access to the complete catalog of games and applications available in the Google ecosystem for smart TVs.

LG 24TN510S-PZ

LG 24TN510S-PZ

Another small format Smart TV is this LG 24TN510S-PZ. The Korean manufacturer has not hesitated to integrate its webOS operating system to offer a complete experience. You will be able to watch the contents of Amazon Prime Video and any other on-demand content platform in the most comfortable way.

Philips 24PFS6855 / 12

Philips 24PFS6855/12

Under an impossible name to pronounce, a television of the most complete hides. This Philips model stands out for two sections: it is a smart model, so you can access VOD platforms along with other services. The best? Which is one of the few 24-inch televisions on the market with Full HD resolution.

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TD Systems K24Dlx11Hs

Televisor TD Systems K24Dlx11Hs

We turn to this TD Systems K24Dlx11Hs model, a 24-inch TV with Android 7 installed so that you can access the complete catalog of games and applications of this operating system.

Toshiba 24WK3A63DG

Toshiba 24WK3A63DG

Be careful with Toshiba, because the Japanese manufacturer has this pearl in its catalog. We are talking about a model that, to begin with, offers Full HD resolution. Add to that the fact that it is a Smart TV and that it has support for Alexa, and you have a perfect product for the kitchen.

Philips 24PFS5535 / 12

Philips 24PFS5535/12

We return to the Dutch manufacturer to recommend their Philips 24PFS5535 / 12. This TV is not smart, but it offers Full HD resolution and a groundbreaking price.

Finlux LED TV

Finlux Televisor LED

Continuing with this compilation of the best 24-inch televisions that you can buy, we want to recommend this Finlux LED TV model. A brand new Smart TV perfect to enjoy Netflix and other platforms.



If you want a 24-inch TV at a knockdown price , this WONDER signature model will more than meet your expectations. It’s a full-blown bargain!



Another excellent model with Android TV is this television from the manufacturer INFINITON. A 24-inch model and HD resolution whose price is a value to take into account.

Full HD TV

TV Full HD

We close this compilation with an essential television if you want it for your motorhome. More than anything because this model hides a DVD player on the back.

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